Transformation activation for a new era of workplace

workplace of the future

As one of Australia’s leading insurance and banking solutions providers, Suncorp is committed to creating a better today for its people, customers, communities and shareholders.

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With close to 13,500 employees across Australia and New Zealand, Suncorp is one of Queensland’s biggest employers and is a corporation that intrinsically comprehends the importance of internal culture, open lines of communication and transformation for the better.

Suncorp approached us to assist in the implementation and change activation of their large-scale office relocation to their new headquarters in Brisbane called Heritage Lanes. Built to revolutionise the way Suncorp people work, Heritage Lanes is a workplace of the future that centres around exceptional employee experience, connection and well-being.

Better, together

Leveraging our wealth of expertise in design for transformation, we built an engaging campaign that facilitated a seamless office transition and encouraged employees to embrace and adapt to new processes, systems, and cultures effectively.

Assisting staff in comprehending internal processes and systems is crucial for enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall organisational effectiveness and, as such, we built a robust toolkit of resources to help Suncorp’s people navigate their new premises and systems.