lucas pawpaw

lucas' papaw

Proudly honouring 100 years for an iconic Aussie brand

an australian legacy

Warmth, care, vitality, family-centric, and intergenerational values are inherently intertwined with the Lucas' Papaw Remedies brand. When the brand entrusted us with the task of shaping a new direction and style guide, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to craft a concept that pays homage to the product's rich history and sentimental significance, all while ushering it into the contemporary age.

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While retaining the original logo, we infused a natural, earthy colour palette to harmonise with their iconic bright red. Drawing inspiration from the Australian landscape and flora, we introduced organic textures layered with earthy, natural hues. This thoughtful combination forms a welcoming composition that authentically reflects the brand's Australian identity, seamlessly blending tradition with a fresh, modern aesthetic.

The rejuvenated design amplifies the brand's visual appeal. It captures the essence of Lucas' Papaw Remedies in a way that resonates with its rich heritage and the evolving tastes of the modern consumer. This fusion of tradition and contemporary flair is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that the Lucas' Papaw Remedies legacy not only endures but thrives in today's dynamic market landscape.