Building a brand that transcends delay and disruption

workplace of the future

Risk, delay, disruption, dispute­­—situations that most of the business world shy away from at all costs. But not Chris Hall. He and his expert team are building a specialist consultancy that tackles these complexities head-on.

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When Chris approached us with his business plan and a very open mind for his branding, it was apparent that this niche industry needed an identity that would define the experience, establish intricacy and instil confidence.

Granted full creative license to name and brand the company, we fabricated a word by combining Hall with valiant to form Halliant. The inclusion of Hall intrinsically linked Chris by name to the business whilst instilling the notion of excellence and strength.

Needing to position Halliant as an industry innovator and seasoned expert, we knew the branding had to speak to the knowledge, understanding and breadth of experience that Chris and his team would offer their clients.

Intersecting and overlapping shapes form a three-dimensional maze that represents problem-solving and interconnectivity. The angluar lines of the 'H' letterform create strength and dynamism.

The extensive colour palette adds accent and reprieve to the sombre, bold imagery and underpins the notion of solution-based service within the complex construction landscape.

Half a decade later, Halliant remains a dominant player in the delay, disruption and advisory arena and a massive asset to the booming construction industry. Their visual identity has grown with the brand to incorporate a complex system of diagrams and graphics, forming a language unique to the business.

The Halliant brand is clever, considered and multifaceted, much like the services they offer. It establishes them as experts, conjures feelings of trust and presents a narrative of commitment, excellence and dedication.