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Backed by government, innovation and industry, the Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA) is a collective that brings together the brightest university minds with industry experts to deliver new products, technologies and opportunities to revolutionise Australia's food and beverage manufacturing industry.

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Revolutionising Australia's food and beverage manufacturing industry

FaBA's ambitious goal is to double the value of Australia's food and beverage manufacturing industry by 2030. This will be achieved through a strategic focus on industry-driven smart production, innovative ingredients, and the creation of cutting-edge food and beverage offerings tailored to evolving consumer preferences.

Recognising the importance of a brand that mirrors the collaborative essence of the initiative, our design approach for the logo involved three interconnected elements symbolising industry, business, and research. This composition reflects a united front working towards a common goal, with diverse graphic forms illustrating innovation pathways and sharing knowledge within the partnership.

The vibrant colour palette draws inspiration from the essence of healthy, nourishing, and sustainable food and beverages. Bold shapes, influenced by Indigenous art and microscopic structures, add a unique visual dimension to the brand.

Embodying flexibility and optimism, the FaBA brand stands as a beacon for the innovative spirit propelling the collaborative efforts poised to revolutionise Australia's beverage manufacturing landscape.