bcu bank

bcu bank

Repositioning a customer-owned bank

nothing like the big banks

Founded in the early 70s by a small group of banana farmers on the north coast of NSW, BCU Bank was established to provide a local and reasonable banking alternative to the big banks. Fifty years on, they remain committed to this founding objective.

Campaign concepts
Digital advertising
Outdoor advertising
In-store promotional collateral

As a member-owned bank, BCU is dedicated to serving members first by offering low rates, low (or no) fees, higher dividends and more innovative products and services.

After undergoing an extensive re-brand in 2022, BCU wanted to launch their new-look branding and create traction within a highly saturated market. We worked with BCU to develop a series of campaigns to re-introduce their brand, reposition their products, gather brand awareness and ultimately grow their membership.

With a focus on people, each campaign puts BCU members at the centre and draws attention to the lifestyle they could build with the right financial partnership. It was important for the messaging to differentiate BCU from the big banks and highlight their unique offerings.

Utilising a balance of photography and illustration, we created a series of campaigns to target different demographics and highlight various products and promotions.