Thom Stuart
Design Einstein

Senior Designer

With his boyish good looks and down-to-earth charm, Thom is the ever creative dreamer who adds a touch of soul to the Bright Yellow studio.

With over ten years industry experience, Thom continues to wow the world with his awesome design skills. He has collaborated on a wide range of corporate and creative projects, two of which landed him BAD [Brisbane Advertising and Design] Awards.

With a keen eye for detail and a strong technical foundation, Thom especially excels at corporate branding and layout. He approaches every brief with thought and consideration for communicating the overall message.

Thom is a practising artist who loves nothing more than a refreshing morning surf. He’s one of those all round annoying overachiever types, but that’s why we love him!

If Thom was a beverage he’d be a home brew tallie; he’s unique, self-made, strong, determined and refreshingly different.

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