Rachel Pisasale
Creative Extraordinaire

Director + Senior Designer

Rach is a highly versatile creative mastermind, specialising in corporate branding and visual identity. She’s a typographic sensation with a [lazy] eye for stylish and contemporary design.

Rach is the ever-happy ray of sunshine in the Bright Yellow studio whose imagination and creativity are constantly inspiring. Her never-say-die-attitude [apart from towards the plants in her garden] means that she’s always ready to get the job done.

Rach has travelled the globe, infusing her unique vision and total awesomeness on a variety of projects both nationally and internationally and has left a plethora of very happy clients in her wake.

If Rach was a beverage, she would be a peppermint tea; she’s active, energetic, casual, welcoming, unpretentious, friendly and quite simply, a breath of fresh air.

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