Liam Matthews
Designer By Day


A wanderluster and a self-diagnosed clinomaniac (meaning he has an excessive desire to stay in bed), Liam is an easy going minimalist who adds an air of elegance and style to the BY studio. 

When he’s not at his desk, Liam can be found at the gym, having a boogey to his favourite tune or setting off into the wilderness on a grand adventure. His most memorable trip to date being the time he trekked to the Mount Everest base camp.

Although he never gets mistaken for any celebrities, he’s definitely a star in our eyes and is tipped to be the quiet achiever of the team. His friendly nature and fierce determination, coupled with his mad design skills, means that Liam is set to wow the pants off our clients. He’s especially looking forward to getting stuck into some branding and corporate layout.

If Liam was a beverage he’d be a refreshing apple cider; he’s sprightly, effervescent, crisp and a little
bit sweet.

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