Georgie Plant
Creative Mastermind

Director + Senior Designer

With an all consuming love of culture, art and travel, Georgie is the true Libran who just wants the world to be a prettier place. Her passion for conceptual design stems from a lifetime spent daydreaming and years of wondering what if...

Working for creative agencies, both large and small, Georgie spent many years based in central London collaborating on an array of global campaigns for some kick-arse corporate companies before returning to Brisbane to join forces with the fabulous Rach.

Her individual approach to design and her constant pursuit of a clever idea means that she’s forever creating new and improved ways to get the job done [and to avoid doing the BAS]. A classic all-rounder, Georgie is always at the ready to take on any design brief, but she has a special soft spot for corporate layout and advertising.

If Georgie was a beverage, she would be a shot of espresso; she’s strong, ambitious, impulsive and full of heart.

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